I have worked for London escorts for rather a long time, and I cannot help to think that it is strange how men can talk about almost anything with their escorts. Sometimes I find that men like to discuss the most taboo subject with us. Many of the gents that I date at London escorts never share their sexual dreams and fantasies with their partners. It makes me wonder why, and I often wonder if men are worried about being rejected.


We all like to experience new things, and that applies to women as well. I am sure that a lot of ladies would be delighted if their husbands came up with some new ideas, and shared some of their desires with them. After all, some of those dreams and desires could probably make the couple’s sex life ten times more exciting. It is not true, we simply don’t talk about sex enough, and it is really something that we should learn how to do.


Why should we learn to talk about sex more? Most of us girls here at London escorts know that sex can be a real pleasure. The problem is that a lot of ladies think of sex as a duty and a need. To many women sex is still something to get over and done, and that is it. I am sure that attitudes are slowly changing, but it is going to take a long time. We are gradually becoming more open minded about sex, but for some people the new movement is not moving along quickly enough.


I have dated some gents here at London escorts who believe that their sexual dreams and fantasies are perverted. It is not true at all, and most of the fantasies these men have are run of the mill fantasies. They are nothing to be worried about, but yet we are totally hung up about them. Why are we so hung up about them? It is simple really, we don’t talk about them enough. If we were to do that, we would all enjoy better sex lives.


Do women need less sex? One of my regular dates at London escorts asked me this question recently. No, I don’t think women need less but women are really into quality sex. Sensuality and sex is never so far apart in the mind of a woman, and it is important to understand that for a man. Men are rearing to go almost straight away, but women need warming up. If you can master that technique, you will have a much healthier love life and enjoy time behind closed doors a lot more.


Should we be more open about sex? Well, I certainly think that partners should be more open about sex. You can’t really sit in a restaurant and discuss sex, and I am sure a lot of people realize this. However, I do think that we should be able to talk about sex in between partners – that is something which is very important!

An open discussion about sex with London escorts
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