Welcome to Raw beauty online.

Our story

Raw beauty founder Sadie Houston, says… …I am an accomplished beauty therapist specialising in skin care and make up. My work has taken me all over the globe with clients including Harvey Nichols, pop videos, advertisement and fashion. I set up Raw beauty to share my in-depth knowledge of skin care with an innovative and holistic approach to self care.

My signature treatments and products come from my family home town in Morocco, where skin and body care is a ritual that has been handed down generation to generation.

Raw beauty goes back to basics bringing ancient self body care secrets to the forefront of ‘organic’ treatments and products offering a 100% true alternative. with therapeutic benefits for Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry skin, Mature skin, Premature Aging, Acne, Oily skin, Blemishes and Scars.

Non-toxic & Environmentally Safe

Our service is designed for those that want a truly 100% natural alternative to man-made chemical based personal care. We offer the finest quality, beautifully packaged, organic products with preserving the environment and body in mind.

Our hand-selected products are all as nature intended, containing no ingredients that could harm water resources; no petrochemical derivatives, no synthetic preservatives, no surfactants or artificial colours... all of which are common in commercial soaps and cleansers.

Our exculsive organic professional in-home, skin improvment products are kept in their original state to ensure maximum potency and are based on pure and high quality, raw materials that are non-toxic, eco- certified and effective. All products are clinically proven and selected for their unique health benefits, skin healing properties and safety profiles.

Our philosophy

Raw beauty is committed to providing our customers with high quality, man made chemical free body care treatments and products. We believe that nature, in its purest form, contains everything the skin needs to be radiant and healthy. Our ethos is to use and promote products and treatments that really work, are safe, effective, earth-friendly and are better for one's well-being.