Raw Beauty combines relaxation, pampering and rejuvenation.

Sadie Houston - BA (Hons)/Beauty Therapist and Spa Practioner

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty and spa industry nationally and internationally, I have had the fortune to try many different products and deliver countless treatments. Within my treatments I take time to understand the individual needs and issues and tailor therapies accordingly and due to this essence, Moroccan Spa has become a fusion of ancient Moroccan rituals and contemporary spa philosophies to bring cleansing and purifying which help to heal most skin problems and irritations to the UK . Since, in the last year these ingredients like Argan Oil have recently become popular as I had visualised many years ago and it makes me proud to be a pioneer of Moroccan spas.

Mobile spa treatments Gift Cards Available

30 minute treatments £30 each treatment £10 call out charge

Facial - Refresh and revive the complexion leaving it moisturised and glowing.

Our facials are suitable for all skin types due to the gentle yet effective nature of the products & techniques used. Pollutants and impurities are removed with a deep cleanse. The skin is then refreshed with a cooling toning mist. Next, rejuvenating oil is massaged deep in to the face, neck, scalp and décolletage before applying a mask bursting with minerals, nutrients and anti-oxidants to help protect against skin damage.

Indian head massage- Focuses on the head, neck, scalp and face by working on the key acupressure points to relieve tension and stress. You will be left with a balanced mind, body and soul.

Bacial – An infusion of a facial for the back. The skin is prepared with dry brushing to stimulate & detoxify. A circulation boosting body scrub is worked into the skin to remove dead cells; a warm layer of clay is then applied and refreshed with hot towels. Finally, we encourage you to unwind and relax with a deep massage using nourishing body oil. This treatment is perfect for those looking for localised stress relief.

Back and shoulder massage - This intensive massage works deep into these high tension areas. Specifically tailored to meet your needs, this 20 minute massage targets the muscles which you feel hold the most tension. A quick but effective treatment, where you will feel aches and pains dissolve under the skilled hands of your therapist.

Wellness begins with your feet…

Foot Spa - This foot treatment is not your usual pedicure*. Rather than being cosmetic, this therapeutic treatment results in nourished, pampered and healthy feet. We use a dry and wet exfoliation, followed with a layer of warm mineral clay, finally a relaxing foot and leg massage

We find it’s particularly effective in pregnancy for easing swollen, puffy ankles and tired aching feet.*this treatment does not include nail painting.

Hand Spa - This luxurious hydrating and nourishing hand spa uses warm essential oils and paraffin wax which are brushed over the hands to create a soothing cocoon. The warmth-stimulated pores absorb the essential oils and the silky paraffin wax seals in moisture. The result: incredibly soft and smooth hands. In addition we apply. Sea salt and oil exfoliation, a mineral mask with hot towels and a relaxing hand and lower arm massage.

Special offer:

Receive a Right Royal Treatment package which includes a facial, hand and foot spa,
total time 1 hour and 30 mins price £90

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Telephone: 0208 555 6281