Rhassoul Clay - A gentle organic cleanser for the hair, body and face

How to use Rhassoul Clay

Directions for use:

Always think in terms of 1 x 2 figure of grammes and millilitres – for example 10g of rhassoul mixed with 20ml of water; 100g of rhassoul mixed with 200ml of water, and so on.

Daily cleanser:

Blend one to two teaspoons of rhassoul clay and enough water (or floral water) to make a creamy paste. Massage it gently into damp skin using circular movements and then rinse. The paste will remove most make-up (except perhaps stubborn waterproof mascara) and will leave your skin feeling velvety.

Maskand skin polisher

Apply the paste and put on to the skin like a mask, leave on for a few minutes. Do not let the mask dry out. Apply a moistened cloth or sponge over face to keep the mask damp.

Body Pack: An excellent skin exfoliator

To make a body pack, including a foot pack for smoothing dry skin, follow the same method.

Body packs can be left on for 20-40 minutes and then rinsed off under a warm shower or in the bath.


Suitable for all hair and scalp conditions, rhassoul could revolutionise the way you shampoo your hair! Even though you may miss the lather at first, we are certain you will appreciate the amazing way rhassoul cleanses and revitalises the hair.

How to apply rhassoul for your hair:

Put the rhassoul into a bowl and add tepid water, let the clay absorb the water; make it more runny than the face paste. You will then find it easy to stir the mixture into a smooth paste, adding a little more tepid water if necessary. Apply the rhassoul to damp hair. Work it through your hair and massage into the scalp.

It is the scalp which needs to be regularly cleaned. It is best not to rub the clay into the hair shaft - just leave the hair alone so that it remains tangle-free. For long hair, comb the Rhassoul along the shaft of the hair. Leave for a few minutes to work. Rinse thoroughly, massaging the scalp to ensure complete removal.

A conditioner is not necessary needed If, however, your hair is exceptionally dry, sun damaged or has been chemically processed, then you may still need a conditioner – ideally a few drops of a 100% natural leave-in conditioner such as Argan Oil. Warm it in your hands and then work it through your hair, perhaps adding one drop more if necessary.

The following timings are merely suggestions and take into the account the needs of busy people. Rhassoul is so gentle; it can be left on the hair for much longer if you wish – even if you have dry hair. Once your hair has become accustomed to rhassoul, you may find that is can be applied and rinsed off straight away for the same revitalising result.

So it’s worth varying the timings for the first few shampoos to discover the most effective routine for your own unique hair.

Here is a guide:

For dry hair, leave on for 5-10 minutes

For normal hair, leave on for up to 5-15 minutes

For oily hair, it can be left on for 10-20 minutes.

Whatever your hair type, you can leave the rhassoul on your hair for longer than the timings suggested above if you wish. Rhassoul cannot harm your hair. As everyone’s hair is different, you will soon discover what works best for you personally.

For skin ailments like Psoriasis, eczema, rashes, sore skin, open cuts, etc..

Rhassoul clay is a natural antibiotic killing all bad bacteria and has a history of healing many skin ailments

Apply a generous layer of clay to the desired area, wrap in cling film to keep the clay moist, leave on for 30mins then rinse off with water, finish with an application of argan oil. Use as often as needed.